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Crop Inputs: "Keeping crops profitable" has been a slogan that we have used for many years.  Each spring we gear up to provide timely services in seed, fertilizer blending, and the effective and safe use of herbicides.  Our Air-Flow Applicator has been an important resource and service to many of our customers.  

Grain Elevator & Drying Services:  Every harvest is a very busy season at Yantzi’s.  We have storage capacity of 16,000 tonnes and use that to store corn, wheat, commercial soybeans and cereal grains. Two of our sites (Tavistock & Line #29) are equipped with a dryer along with our elevator system. We are able to receive at Tavistock, Line #29 and Brunner. Many livestock producers use our grain banking program and incorporate their own grains into economical and convenient custom rations.

Store Products:  We offer a wide variety of animal health and sanitation products, some hardware as well as clothing at both our Tavistock and Brunner stores.  A highlight of our service offering is our Shur-Gain pet food products manufactured locally in St. Marys.

Dairy Nutrition Consulting: Yantzi's representatives participate in Shur-Gain's Certified Dairy Nutrition Advisor Program.  Forage quality and feeding management are key to producing high quality milk profitability.  There are a wide range of tools available in customizing programs for milk producers. 

Swine Nutrition Consulting:  Yantzi's is a Shur-Gain "Certified Swine Centre of Excellence."  There are a wide range of options available including customized on farm premixes and sophisticated cost effective complete feeds.  Swine growth modeling is at the core of our practical but concise recommendations. 

Poultry Rations:  We manufacture poultry feeds for both small and larger commercial flocks.  One of our strengths is preparing "all vegetable blends" for both laying hens and chicken broilers. 

Beef Feedlot & Cow-Calf:  We offer a wide variety of cattle nutrition products for all classes of beef cattle.  Our focus is always on economics and practical feeding programs. 

Horse Feed & Supplies:  We have a wide range of products to choose from.  Our customer service representatives have a strong interest in the equine area.

Commodity Blends: At Yantzi's we are able to use our purchasing power network and efficient manufacturing and mixing facilities to competitively deliver various commodity options.   

Niche Markets: Our facilities are well suited to preparing rations for specific to smaller markets.  We were one of the first mills in Ontario to manufacture Emu rations.

Custom Trucking:Our modern fleet of trucks are capable of performing custom trucking duties for the agricultural community.  We have trucks capable of carrying 40 tonnes of product; whether it be from our mill, outside companies, or farm pickups.

Grain Marketing: If you are looking to buy or sell corn, wheat or commercial soybeans then contact us. We can market your grain on the futures or buy on the cash market. Give us a call to discuss your options and pricing strategies.



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